Monday, February 28, 2011

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Yep, I believe the title sums it up. I am now making cookies to semi-fix today...

The other day we had tornado/thunderstorms and some water from the rain came through one of the doors at the house that I am housesitting at. They have hard wood floors, but I thought, it's ok.. I'm cleaning it up and all will be well. Apparently it either rained again last night or some of the water from the other day soaked through, because today some of the wood has started to buckle/warp. Have I mentioned that while housesitting at another house, the toilet apparently kept running through the night and overflowed into the house, going through the wood floors in the entire living room? Do we notice that I am the common factor here? I think I need a really big cookie. And a latte. Anyone want to volunteer to bring me the latte part?

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