Saturday, February 26, 2011

A picture of me with ten facts

1. I have watched Pride and Prejudice three times in the last week and am currently watching The Young Victoria.
2. I have an irrational but extremely real fear/phobia of sleeping in a house alone at night.
3. I have a little white fluffy dog that I love very much but as she does not offer a real sense of protection, I am currently considering adopting a second much larger dog of some sort to solve fact #2.
4. I am waiting to hear back from graduate schools about my application to their MFA programs
5. I have learned in the past month that I would rather be happy/sane/not completely stressed out than have money and a steady job.
6. I am working on a few painting compositions that involve mirrors, contemplating all kinds of symbolism in reflections.
7. My "things I want to paint one day" list includes items within my compositions such as a spider web, a masquerade mask, and a cage.
8. Somehow my " style" and the majority of my wardrobe includes articles of clothing that could arguably be considered pieces that look like they are from another era (victorian, regency, the flapper look, hippie, pioneer/frontier/laura ingalls wilder, etc)
9. I really want to have daughters one day and secretly collect/keep things that I want them to have (books, movies, music, artful things, american girl dolls... do not laugh at me...)
10. I have learned that it's ok to not know or be able to map out every detail of your future. God will handle tomorrow.

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