Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 7 A Picture of Me and the Person I Have Been Closest with the Longest

I think this is going to be a toss up among lots of people.... And I have to share that at this point, I feel that the rules of this entire all about me thing obviously went out the window a few days back, because while the title asks for the one person, I cannot choose because I am close to all of these people and have been almost all my life.

My sister, Rebekah

Brittany that I have known forever....
I need to find some pictures of us in the kindergarten era!
(The Brittany-Jenna combination rocked high school by the way!)

My lovely Monika
Old School Us :) .... Workcamp!
My brother, Joshua

My Mom

And now, just some pictures of my family and friends that I have always been very close to. Love you guys!

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