Friday, December 31, 2010

The Prodigal Blogger

Indeed, after what seems like a long hiatus, I am back. Well, more or less. I really meant to finish the 30 day challenge but so many things started happening, and I ended up without a laptop while I was house sitting during the week of Christmas. And then after Christmas, in fact the day before yesterday, I had gallbladder surgery, and I have been recovering from that. So blogging and updating things just hasn't really been happening. I'm still working to get back to 100% after the surgery, so I am going to try to do some blogging and catching up in other areas while I'm chilling out. Hopefully I will be back in full swing on here and everywhere else pretty soon :) So I've got some new changes going on (like the new background? very jane austen/regency period i think!) and I'm going to try to put some things up in the next few posts that I missed out on doing during Christmas. This post is pretty much just going to be random happenings and such.
Isn't this pretty?....
I just thought this was so neat, maybe I'm easily amused. I took this of the tree where I was house sitting over Christmas, and I thought I was pretty cool.
Another picture of recent...
The sister and I :) after her senior progressive dinner. My little dear is all grown up!

While I have been indisposed and recovering from surgery, I have been spending some time doing just lazy things that I enjoy.... Mom and I watched Return to Cranford last night, my Christmas gift from my wonderful seester :)

I've also had the chance to just sit and read.

Today, I even watched a Notre Dame football game with my dad. Notre Dame beat Miami in the Sun Bowl- woot! I know, I'm normally not that crazy sports chick, and I continue to not be, but I can appreciate a Notre Dame football game every once and a while.

And finally, I will just end the catching up with a cheery under the tree picture from Christmas Eve.

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  1. Pretty background. It looks remarkably like the background for our christmas pictures.