Sunday, December 5, 2010

Catch Up Time

Yikes! I am a little behind on my days here...

I missed Day 11 with a photo that makes me sad or angry, but like my wonderful friend Kristina (Little Baby Bug) I am going to decline this post. I agree with what she said about having to come back to my blog to continually find such an image here, and I really don't want that.

So, Day 12- Something I am OCD about....
Hmmmm, so much germy things to choose from! Haha.Yes, indeed... I'm a tad OCD about germs. Well certain kinds. I'm not one of those people that will one day over-sanitize any and everything that my children touch. There are just certain things imparticular that have bothered me since I was a child, and I really didn't realize it fully until I was older. I did always wonder why I was uncomfortable sleeping in hotel beds for instance.... I cannot stand most hotels. Weird, right? Makes traveling such a fun experience. I don't want to sound high maintenance, it is just one of those super weird things. Unless it is a super nice hotel, I cannot sleep in a hotel bed. I have actually, literally, put on like three layers of clothes, including the hood of my sweatshirt and two pairs of socks when I had to stay in a not so great hotel bed. And I didn't sleep all night. Similarly, I don't really like movie theaters because of the seats. I mean, don't get me wrong, I go to the movies every once in a while with friends, but am a tad uncomfortable the whole time. As a child, I wouldn't lean my head back on the seat. It just bothered me, because, like the hotel bed, you don't know who or what has been there.... In general, I think it is anything that has been used by the masses that involves fabric. Like those plush chairs at Starbucks... yeah, no. It's something to do with the idea of germs and/or many other things living/growing/being collected.... over time.... Yeah ok, I'm done.

And now for Day 13- What is currently in my purse...
Lol, oh dear, this really should be interesting. Can I just mention beforehand that I am sorta kinda one of those people that forgets to clean my purse out? Ok, my purse contains the following...
-My wallet
-A book by Tamera Alexander, Within My Heart (I always bring a book everywhere I go, you just never know...)
-My moleskine journal/sketchbook/notebook
-My moleskine calendar
-Burt's Bees chapstick/lip balm
-Trident Gum
-My ipod
-Two black pens, one blue (and one of which says Reba Boackle David for SFSLAC president... haha!)
-A myriad of receipts from everywhere
-My instructions for the Art for Hope show that I was in... like 4 weeks ago... yeah...
-A pair of pink crochet fingerless gloves that in all honesty do nothing to keep my hands warm, but, they are really pretty :)
-A random bracelet... honestly no idea where that came from? I bet I was holding it for someone. If you are missing a bracelet, this one has a peace sign charm thing and is set on a brown cord of sorts. I believe it attaches with a silver button thing with the label Fossil. I also believe my purse just became the Lost and Found. Nice.
(And all of this brings me to something else that I am OCD about. Yes I know, totally not part of this day's post, but I am extremely OCD about where I set my purse down. I mention this because I'm typing on my laptop sitting in bed and am having an extremely difficult time finding what is in my purse exactly, because I refuse to set my purse down on my bed. I refuse to set my purse down a lot of places, because, honestly, think about where you will set it down (kitchen table, counter, couch, etc) then think about where your purse has been. I do not wish to eat on that same surface. Or sleep on that same surface. Getting back into the bed OCD thing, I am sooooo particular about my own bed too. My sheets. And pillows. Once they are clean they don't touch certain surfaces. I also only wear my bed time or lounge around the house clothes in my bed. No, wear-outside clothes. Ok, I'm really done with the OCD thing this time.)

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  1. You are neurotic to the CORE!!!
    This was very...enlightening...

    By the way, the bracelet belongs to The Grundys. Don't you remember me giving that to you and asking if you'd fix it for me??? Wow...

    I am cracking up over here. You don't even know!
    Good stuff!