Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Treat Day

Happy Tuesday. Or as my mom and I like to call it, "Tuesday Treat Day!" We decided long ago that Tuesday was the one day of the week that was not as exciting as the other days and thus needed something extra special, usually in the form of a yummy treat! So now, we try to celebrate our weekly holiday every Tuesday with a special treat :)
In honor of our happy Tuesday, I might try to occasionally update here for Tuesday Treat Day and blog about a special treat.... a great recipe, a yummy snack that I love, or maybe something not food at all that just makes me happy :)

So for today's Tuesday's Treat.....

Muddy's is a locally owned bake shop in East Memphis. And these cupcakes are fantastic!!! To be honest, I'm one of those people that does not normally like cupcakes because I can't handle all of the sugar in the icing. But these are SO good!!! The ones in the picture here are the Strawberry Fields Forever, one of my personal favorite flavors that I even had as a cake for my birthday. They have been on vacation all last week, so today was their first day back. (And there was much rejoicing!) Check out their website from the link above, or, better yet, if you live in Memphis and have never had a Muddy's- Treat yourself!

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